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Gene Addesso: Hold the praise for Duke Energy /

Gene Addesso: Hold the praise for Duke Energy

May 30, 2014  In response to the May 27 letter “ Confidence in Duke Energy’s commitment” by Michael Renchek, president and CEO of Areva, Inc.: I agree that “a company should be defined by its conduct over the years, how it responds and what it continues to do going forward.”

But unfortunately, Duke Energy’s conduct over the years, and its response to the coal ash spill at the Dan River plant, do not engender confidence.

Duke Energy told us that its coal ash storage in N.C. complied with all laws and regulations. That was not true.

Duke Energy told us that though possibly illegal, its violations were harmless. That was not true.

Duke Energy told us its coal ash storage was safe, well-maintained and reliable. That was not true.

Duke told us that the pipe that broke under the Dan River lagoon was made of reinforced concrete. That was not true.

Duke told us that it did not have corrugated metal pipes at other coal ash sites. That was not true.

The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources found corrugated metal pipes at other sites.

Even after the Dan River spill was over, when we would expect a company to focus most strongly on prudent management of its coal ash, Duke Energy illegally pumped 61 million gallons of polluted coal ash wastewater into the Cape Fear River.

Now, on the basis of its conduct over the years, Duke is being investigated by a federal grand jury, has been cited by DENR for numerous violations of laws and regulations and is facing enforcement actions for violating state or federal clean water laws, or both, at every place where it stores coal ash in North Carolina.

We understand the need for reliable and affordable electricity; as a public utility Duke Energy is obligated to provide exactly those things.

But Duke is also obligated to comply with the laws that protect our public waters, just like everyone else.

Until Duke Energy commits to cleaning up its leaking coal ash pits and stops putting our rivers and communities at risk, praise for Duke’s conduct and leadership on this issue is premature at best.

Gene Addesso
President, Roanoke River Basin Association, Danville, Va.


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Michael Rencheck: Confidence in Duke Energy

May 26, 2014

I have closely followed the coverage about Duke Energy and the Dan River incident.

As a member of the community and leader of a company that has worked with Duke Energy for more than 20 years, I have confidence in the company’s integrity and the responsibility it has taken for the incident by containing its impact, assuring the safety of all of our neighbors and working to ensure that an incident like this never happens again.

Through its actions, Duke Energy is demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence.

I am proud to call Duke Energy a partner.

At AREVA, safety is foremost in all we do.

Every day, our goal is to help power stations to supply people with safe, clean, reliable and affordable electricity.

With dozens of locations across North America, the safety of the communities in which we live and work is always our top priority.

An isolated event should not define a company.

Rather, a company should be judged by its conduct over the years, how it responds and what it continues to do going forward. Duke Energy’s leaders know they have a lot of work and difficult decisions ahead and that they must continue to prioritize safety and mitigate environmental impact while taking reliability and affordability into consideration.

I am confident in the company’s commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement because we have been working together for decades.

AREVA and Duke Energy are both strong advocates of supporting the local economy and community and developing the next generation of energy industry professionals.

The energy and community infrastructure that North Carolina and Duke Energy have long supported is a significant contributor to the region’s strength and leadership in the energy sector.

This is part of what motivated AREVA’s decision to move its North American headquarters to Charlotte last year. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Duke Energy to provide safe and reliable electricity and to improve the lives of the people in our communities.

Michael Rencheck
President and CEO, AREVA Inc.


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