Monday, August 5, 2013

Protect the Water!

After pleading not guilty to nonpayment of $142 in fees, Judge Kirk said I would have to come back for another trial.
With Amalia and Bluejays urging, I mentioned I had already done 46 hours community service, and when clerk confirmed I wd be $118 in credit, he decided to withdraw everything and said it wad over.
Many thanks yo Mary Olsen of the Nuclear Information and Research Service for suggesting comm servicr of bibliography on uranium mining on Colorado Plateau. Great way to do community service.
If anyone wants a copy, please send an email to, we would be happy to send you a copy.
Now we start our travels back to the ongoing uranium mine at the Grand Canyon.
Why do nuke places always poison the aquifer?
In Cameron, its tje Little Colorado, in Los Alamos they have been poisoning the Rio Grande for 70 years, in Hanford they have been poisoning the Columbia got r 70 years.
Don't nukes know this stuff lasts for millions of years?
Approx 53 more people in Santa Fe will die of cancer over next 100 years because of the alpha emitters already in the water supply.
I suggested to the judge that instead of prosecuting us, the police should arrrst people at the lab.
He said that would be outside his jurisdiction.....
All CEOs of all companies that contaminate our water thru uranium, or fracking, or oil, should be locked up for the rest of their lives....Protect the Water!