Sunday, August 4, 2013

Keep the Ban Info!


After our defeat of uranium mining again this past legislative session, Virginia Uranium is doubling down its efforts to buy a win with a well financed astro-turf effort to "show" grassroots support for uranium mining.

Your contribution can help us beat back Virginia Uranium's efforts to buy a victory.

Paid interns are blanketing Southside Virginia with a pro-uranium petition that promises jobs, and free BBQ cookouts with music are Virginia Uranium's modern version of the Romans' "bread and circus."

It has been our aggressive grassroots campaign that has beaten back Virginia Uranium's high priced lobbyists the past two years.  Seeing our success, Virginia Uranium decided to steal our playbook and gin up their astro-turf version of a grassroots campaign.

At Virginia Uranium's urging, Governor McDonnell is now considering an end-round to our efforts by crafting regulations governing mining in Virginia.

Well-financed uranium mining proponents are also currently plotting new legislative efforts come the 2014 session.

The Sierra Club Virginia Chapter has been the leader in this fight to keep the ban on uranium mining in Virginia.  And with your help, we are prepared to step up our opposition even further. 

We have a new organizer on board working on the uranium mining fight.

We now need to outfit our campaign with every possible tool necessary to reinvigorate the thousands of activists and hundreds of civic and organizational leaders all standing up to "Keep the Ban."  And that's where you come in.

Your donation to the Virginia Chapter Sierra Club stays in Virginia and gets dedicated to our Virginia campaigns to keep the ban on uranium mining, push for renewable energy, curb climate change, protect our forests and coastlines, and much more.  We do this with grassroots power like no other environmental organization can.  But these campaigns are expensive which is why we ask for your help.

If we raise $1,000 this weekend, we can outfit our organizing staff with a carload of materials to take out to Pittsylvania County - ground zero in our uranium mining fight.
As always, thank you for everything you do to protect and preserve our beautiful Virginia environment.
Glen Besa, Director
Sierra Club Virginia Chapter
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