Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rally: Globalfrackdown Day October 11, 2014

Americans Unite Against Fracking's photo.

Comments: We need to stop fracking in Virginia and North Carolina because it has ruined wells all over America. Plus it is a health hazard because of the "burn off flame". This causes pollution in the air and lots of wells are near homes. Rockingham, North Carolina is a "proposed drilling option" and it sits on the Dan River, you know the river that Duke Energy dump tons of coal ash. The Dan River is drinking water for lots of people! Ban Fracking!

Global Frack Down Day


Political Affiliations aside, Fracking will affect you and your community's health! This is a place to join in order to attend, be involved in the planning and be informed about the event. The event is already in action with other Environmental Groups in NC and we are joining in the effort.

This event will coincide with Globalfrackdown Day October 11, 2014.

You can be involved as much or as little as you choose...

Ideas to details, depend on you...

The event is taking shape as a concert/festival with NC musicians with a headliner and other musicians along with prominent speakers.

The goal is to make this fun and informative so that many North Carolinians will attend and it will affect change.

Help plan this statewide bipartisan event for all groups, organizations and individuals and/or plan to attend.

This event's goal is to inform North Carolinians and with that knowledge in November, vote for Representatives that will

put a moratorium in place for Fracking in NC.

Please invite your friends: