Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Irradiated Monkeys Showing Fukushima Effects

I agree with the following comments from friends from FB: 

Irradiated monkeys, I believe.

I don't believe this 'disclaimer' about people living in such close proximity,,, "no such effects" ???? NONE? I do believe they wouldn't have been published if they didn't add that little note. AND plenty of info on Cesium from Chernobyl.... thousands of papers... and NOTE that Cesium and Iodine are not the only ones of concern... THEY ARE AN INDICATOR OF A WIDE RANGE OF DEADLY RADIOISOTOPES!

"The irradiated monkeys were living 70km from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, where three nuclear reactors melted down in March 2011. Humans living in Fukushima itself, much closer to the plant, have shown no such effects, but they are eating a diet sourced from a variety of locations. The monkeys live on fruits, mushrooms and insects. Unsurprisingly, none of these are imported."
Monkeys living in forests near Fukushima have levels of radioactive caesium in...