Friday, May 9, 2014

Uranium News

Uranium Monthly Price - US Dollars per :  $30.75

Comments:  The Price above for uranium:  $30.75, so why is DP want to following, tell everyone NO:  Dominion seeks fuel rate hike for Va

Comments:  Keep up the fight, this company is still around:  Keep the Ban!
Sprott Resource Corp:  Virginia Energy Resources Inc. (“Virginia Energy”) is focused on the exploration and development of the Coles Hill, Virginia, uranium deposit.

A $1 billion bill for you, the taxpayer.
A defunct uranium mine near Moab, Utah was leaching uranium and hazardous chemicals into the Colorado River from its 16 million tons of radioactive dirt.
The mining company is gone, we're stuck with the bill and the cleanup.

 Big Oil and Gas want to drill on the land adjacent to Mesa Verde National Park. Can we afford to sacrifice the environment surrounding one of America's national treasures for a few years of dirty fuel?

Fight back and tell President Obama to keep dirty fuels in the ground. Take action here -->

Keep dirty fuels in the ground

In the fight to stop climate disruption, we cannot fall short. It's time for President Obama to take the next step in protecting our communities and public lands from the dangers of climate change. The answer is simple -- keep dirty fuels in the ground and develop clean, renewable energy like wind and solar.

Mining, drilling and fracking proposals threaten to transform our most beautiful wild places, our communities, and even our backyards into dirty fuel industrial sites. That's why new energy projects and leasing should be focused on clean energy, not furthering our dependence on climate disrupting fossil fuels.

Send your letter today! Tell President Obama to truly embrace clean energy and climate action by ensuring dirty fuels remain in the ground.
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