Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Nuclear Radiation and Women – theme for May 2014

As the nuclear lobby is busy persuading the world that ionising radiation is OK really, the facts are different.

The most recent  National Academy of Sciences  Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation ( BEIR VII)   in studying  the cancer risk, supplied tables that showed the clear difference between radiation effects on  males and females.

This lifespan graph (By Ian Goddard, deriving data from those tables) shows increased cancer risk by exposure to a given amount of radiation.  Note the high risk for infant and little girls.

The pink line shows the risk for girls, the blue line for boys. Look at left hand part of the graph.  It covers from zero to 5 years, and includes pre birth.    We see a striking difference between the blue line and the pink line.  The nuclear regulators assume that the risk shown here at age 30– in the blue line- is the same for every individual regardless of age or gender, – this is marked by the green circle.  Yet, even at ages 40 – 60 the cancer risk from radiation is significantly more for women, than for men. - Mary Olson 

That’s just looking at cancer risk. Not even considering risks to reproductive system pregnancy, and  genetic effects.