Monday, April 7, 2014

Add another (Uranium) mining foe to the list

The Racketeer


Add another (Uranium) mining foe to the list

HILDRED C. SHELTON | Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014 6:30 am 
To the editor:

The piece by Walter Coles Sr. entitled "Still Strong on America and Uranium" (March 27, page A8) was an excellent expression of the business position of his corporation established to mine uranium.
Coles seems to consider the opposition to his efforts, in his words, to be an "assault by environmental groups, government regulators and fear-mongers on the lifeblood of the free enterprise system."

However, I ran across a, to me at least, very unexpected source of opposition to uranium mining in Virginia which I would like to share.

At the library the other day, I checked out a book by John Grisham.

I did not look to see the plot of his book as the name "John Grisham" on the spine was enough to tell me I would enjoy reading it.

John Grisham grew up in Mississippi, where he attended college; he presently lives in Mississippi and Virginia.

He is an author and a lawyer and has served in the Mississippi state legislature. He has testified before Congress on matters and appears on news discussion programs on television.

Imagine my surprise when his book, entitled "The Racketeer," featured as villain "Armanna Mines," "a consortium of companies" but "the majority partner is a Canadian company."

Further surprise: The company wants to mine uranium in Southside Virginia.

This book made all the bestseller lists.

The arts will have to be added to Coles’ list of villains who are assaulting the lifeblood of the free enterprise system.