Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 4: Coal ash spill flows into the Dan River in NC and VA

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Comments KM:  Lots of stories and videos out there about the coal ash spill....Here are but a few.  VB shut its pumping system in in order to access the situation and insure the quality of drinking water for its residents.  Danville did not.  Perhaps it's good to err on the side of caution.  Bottled water may not be a bad idea for drinking purposes for children served by Danville's water treatment plant until more is known about the water supply.
What happens to the ash and contaminants filtered out of the Dan River by the waste water treatment facilities?  Hummm.  It ends up as a biosolid that is land applied to farmland in the county?  This is yet another reason for county residents to observe and participate in the workings of Pittsylvania's set back committee.  Some of its members are advocating land application of sludge to your property line and imposing setbacks on your private property in order to comply with required buffers.  There goes the neighborhood...and property values go down and taxes go up so a few fat cats can spread mo' poo.

This is a small creek should be merging with the Dan River but it is not merging, the coal ash gray Dan River is rushing into the creek!


Work to seal leaking pipe continues at coal ash pond in Eden

By Morgan Josey Glover The (Greensboro, N.C.) News & Record | Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 3:37 pm
EDEN, N.C. -- A Duke Energy spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday that some coal ash continues to flow into the Dan River in Eden as crews work to stop the leak.
Spokeswoman Meghan Musgrave said that the flow to the river is fluctuating as crews dig into the ground at the site of the leak. She said she did not know how much coal ash was entering the river.
"We are working to contain it but our mitigation activities can cause flow," she said.
Musgrave said that crews also discovered Tuesday night that a portion of the 48-inch stormwater pipe that broke beneath the coal ash pond Sunday is made of corrugated metal.
She said the portion closest to the river is made of reinforced concrete, but the portion where the break occurred is corrugated metal, a weaker material.
The Charlotte Observer reported Wednesday that Duke Energy crews were surprised to discover that the pipe was made of metal.

Sandy River, orange muddy river merging with Dan River, coal ash gray, Danville VA

 Published on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 by Common Dreams

Tens of Thousands of Tons of Coal Ash Spilling Into N.C. River

Duke Energy coal plant disaster sends arsenic, mercury, lead, boron and other toxic heavy metals pouring into Dan River

- Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Residents and environmental groups are demanding that Duke Energy and the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources immediately and publicly disclose the full extent of the disaster.

Federal and State people in boat coming back from Eden, NC (location:  Above Dan River Dam. Danville, VA)

Duke Energy, EPA work to halt coal ash spill on river in NC, plan cleanup

The Charlotte ObserverFebruary 4, 2014 

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While Duke has said no downstream problems have been reported, at least one water customer of the Dan River watershed took immediate steps to protect its water supply from any contamination. Virginia Beach, Va., cut off all pumping from Lake Gaston, a massive downstream reservoir that straddles the state line. The lake also supplies water to the Virginia cities of Norfolk and Chesapeake.

Federal person taking samples from Dan River, Danville, VA


Tons of coal ash spill into North Carolina river

Between 50,000 and 82,000 tons of ash have poured into the Dan River, but drinking water has not been affected, say government officials and plant owner Duke Energy.

Tens of thousands of tons of coal ash have spilled into the Dan River from a closed North Carolina coal plant since Sunday, but drinking water supplies have not been affected, according to municipal officials and the plant's owner, Duke Energy.
Between 50,000 and 82,000 tons of ash have poured into the Dan River, which flows between North Carolina and Virginia, Duke Energy said. Corporate officials, who blamed a broken storm water pipe, said Tuesday that the utility was still working to stop the leak at the Dan River Steam Station in Eden, N.C.
 Speaking of the environmental groups that have criticized Duke Power, spokeswoman Hoffmann said, "They have good intentions but they are not presenting all of the facts."  (Uh...maybe it's because the fact are not being disclosed?  Sorry lady, that's lame!)


Coal ash spill flows into the Dan River

EDEN, N.C. — Duke Energy, along with federal, state and local teams, are working to stop a coal ash spill at the Dan River Steam Station in Eden.
Duke Energy says as much as 27 million gallons of ashy water along with nearly 82,000 tons of coal ash flowed into the Dan River when a 48-inch stormwater pipe snapped on Sunday afternoon.
At this time Duke Energy doesn’t know why the pipe snapped. But Duke Energy spokesperson Paige Sheehan says they have slowed the flow of coal ash and water into the Dan River.
“We immediately began working with our local and internal emergency response folks, calling in engineers to help us with a solution,” she said.
Meanwhile, environmentalists like Matt Wasson from Appalachian Voices were shocked to see so much ash in the Dan River.
“You know what, I was not expecting this,” Wasson said. “Two miles downstream we would have this amount of coal ash coating the entire river.”
Donna Lisenby with Water Keeper Alliance fears the chemicals in the ash could harm the Dan River.
 Gray Coal Sludge Dan River, it sticks to your hand like graphite
 Local water supply protected from coal ash spill
The coal ash leak happened at the Duke Energy Power Plant in Eden, North Carolina due to a break in a storm water pipe. 10 On Your Side sat down with Virginia Beach Public Utilities Director Tom Leahy to find out what the city is doing to protect you. Leahy said the city has stopped pumping water from the Lake Gaston intake station until they are sure it’s safe again.