Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Uranium Mining Issues

Thank Terry McAuliffe for Opposing Uranium Mining

Over the last few months, Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe has come out in strong opposition to lifting Virginia’s current moratorium on uranium mining.  At a Veteran’s Day event in Norfolk, he stated, “I don’t support uranium mining. First and foremost as

HOT WATER Film Reveals Burning Truth About Uranium Mining

In 2013, reports revealed that Virginia Uranium, Inc., the company responsible for unrelenting efforts to lift our state’s 30-year ban on uranium mining, spent $572,607 lobbying Virginia officials over the previous year – the


Top 10 Virginia Environmental Stories of 2012

As we move into 2013, it is important to take a moment and reflect on what we accomplished (and what we didn’t) this past year. It is amazing how many victories we achieved and with your help we can have even better 2013. One

Keep The Ban On Uranium Mining in VA

For more information & to track this issue throughout the General Assembly session visit: www.KeepTheBan.org Virginia has a nearly 30-year ban on uranium mining. A well financed push by the industry is trying to lift the ban so they can mine and