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Nuclear Power Dossier - Uranium Mining and Milling

December 2010 Printable Subscribers Newsletter


December 7th, 2010

This month we highlight the potential dangers of controversial hydraulic fracturing as the scramble for natural gas intensifies, we report on uranium mining in the US, probe Egypt's factory farming boom and examine efforts being made by supermarkets to deal with excess packaging waste... To access this exclusive content plus other articles, log in and scroll down to the bottom of the page... more...

Shocking legacy of 'uranium poisonings' haunts Obama's looming mining decision

Leana Hosea
2nd November, 2010
Despite disturbing claims about the impact of uranium, ten-thousand proposals for exploration in the Grand Canyon area have been submitted. A key fuel for nuclear power, the US must now decide between full scale uranium mining, partial mining or a twenty year moratorium. Leana Hosia investigates more...

British mining company in controversial uranium project near Grand Canyon

Tom Levitt
2nd November, 2010
Vane Minerals currently exploring for uranium deposits on the edge of the Grand Canyon National Park in area with alleged history of contamination affecting former miners and local indigenous population more...

july newsletter

July 2010 printable subscriber newsletter

29th June, 2010
In this months newsletter, we look at the impact of uranium mining in Niger, ask whether certain species of herbivorous fish can help save our coral reefs, look at the remarkable sustainable community of Las Gaviotas, and scrutinise Findhorn's green sewage system, the Living Machine. To download, log in and scroll to the bottom of the page... more...


Nuclear Power Dossier - Uranium Mining and Milling

Jon Hughes
1st June 2006
Remote, unregulated and...running out. Why the business of fuelling nuclear power can't give us energy sovereignty more...
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