Friday, December 6, 2013

6 in hospital for suspect radiation poisoning

Truck was carrying cobalt 60 from Tijuana hospital

By Ed Payne. Greg Botelho and Rafael Romo CNN
POSTED: 1:30 AM Dec 06 2013
CNN) - Five adults and one teenager were being treated at a Pachuca, Mexico, hospital for possible radiation poisoning, state news reported Friday, one day after authorities said they'd recovered all the radioactive material taken from a stolen truck.

All six had apparently come into contact with cobalt-60 about 12 hours after the truck containing the radioactive material and medical equipment was stolen Monday in Tepojaco, according to Hidalgo state health official Jose Antonio Copca, reported state-run Notimex.

All six were in stable condition at Pachuca General Hospital, according to Copca.

While the treatment for possible radiation poisoning is considerable, given how it can damage organs and cells, the state health official insisted that other patients at the hospital are not in danger.
News of their hospitalizations first surfaced on Twitter.

It comes after Mexican authorities announced they'd recovered all the radioactive material, though it wasn't clear whether they'd also found those who stole it.