Sunday, November 3, 2013

Uranium plunge clouds outlook : $US34.75 a pound

Could Powertech restore mine water?

Virginia Uranium Inc. sets up a billboard and further reduces its credibility

Uranium plunge clouds outlook
Spot uranium sank to $US34.75 a pound during the week, a long way from the record $US136/lb it hit in 2007 during the yellowcake frenzy

Residents and EPA Expand Communications
CIBOLA COUNTY – The area’s uranium mining legacy has been the source of controversy for decades. Recently, community members and EPA officials have implemented some new strategies that they believe will improve the situation.

The challenges can appear daunting especially considering the sense of mistrust that has resulted from the lengthy Homestake Mine remediation process.

Some residents want the original owners held accountable for environmental damages and community members’ health problems.

The federal EPA declared the Homestake Mine a Superfund site and multiple agencies have been involved since that declaration.