Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Uranium mining and the elections in southern Virginia

by: Art Cook
October 21 2013

One of the most controversial issues here is maintaining the current moratorium on uranium mining in Virginia. One of the largest uranium deposits is located 30 minutes north of Danville, which is smack in the middle of the Virginia-North Carolina border.

Virginia Uranium dangles 1,000 new jobs in front of local governments if the ban is lifted.

Some communities have balked at the idea that uranium waste could get into their ground water and flow into their river and streams.

Cuccinelli says he's not against the idea if it can be done safely. That's like saying he's not against firing a gun as long as the bullet doesn't hurt anyone.

McAuliffe's position isn't much different. McAuliffe wants to see if mining and cleanup can be done safely. But no report has given a resounding yes to those questions.

Like his friend, Republican Governor. Bob McDonnell, Cuccinelli is mired in his own scandal. He also took gifts from Star Scientific, but not as much, and until recently, he wasn't giving anything back.

"To talk about real gift caps and types of gifts, I think that opportunity exists now and I'm going to drive hard for it as the next governor," Cuccinelli said in Danville.

Cuccinelli will drive for strong ethics reforms if the lobbyists provide the car.