Friday, October 18, 2013

Group ‘pro ban,’ not ‘anti-uranium’

Posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 9:00 am 
To the editor,

Your newspaper needs to take a new look at how you portray the organization calling ourselves “Keep The Ban.”

I am preferring the term “pro-ban group” to “anti- uranium group” as your page 3, Star-Tribune, 10/2/13) points out.

To tag us as “anti” anything is to display a vast misunderstanding of the main aims of some 60 organizations and 30,000 or 40,000 residents of Virginia. We are not anti anything.

We also have dreams of a better employment situation in Pittsylvania County. However, we are not willing to sacrifice our natural environment in order to realize that dream.

The ban — really it is a moratorium (a delaying tactic according to Wikipedia) — has served all of commonwealth well since its enactment over 31 years ago, and this is the law that we are positively supporting.

That does not deserve the label of anti-uranium.

The Keep the Ban organization is holding a fundraiser in support of the moratorium at Virginia International Raceway Friday, Oct. 11.

The VIR venue is in Halifax County and will be quite an interesting event for race car fans as well as Keep the Ban people.

Please let me invite anyone who is in any way attracted to the issue of uranium mining and its relative dangers, or automobile racing in general, to attend this important fundraising event.

For those who would label us as anti, it will be a chance to see for yourselves.

Also, it would do a better service to your readers to put the article on the front page, especially in light of the fact that we (supporters of Keep the Ban) have always outnumbered the anti-banners.

Hunter Austin