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Crying Earth Rise Up: Mother Earth or Father Greed: mining uranium

Crying Earth Rise Up:  Mother Earth or Father Greed:  mining uranium

Mother Earth or Father Greed? Help support a new film - Crying Earth Rise Up! - that tells the story of the struggle of two Lakota Indian women to uncover the human cost of mining uranium on their sacred lands. The women ask questions about the children's health and safety as they play in, and drink, water that is radiologically contaminated by Cameco's uranium mine. Cameco is the world's largest publicly traded uranium company. But as one of the women says, it's a choice between Mother Earth or Father Greed.

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Crying Earth Rise Up is a compelling story documenting the human cost of uranium mining and its impact on sacred water.:

The Story

 Crying Earth Rise Up is a broadcast-length documentary film that tells the story of two women's parallel search for answers to the question: Why are there high levels of radiation in our drinking water and how can we protect our families and community against this threat?
Debra White Plume gets arrested at the White House
Debra White Plume gets arrested at the White House

Debra White Plume, a Lakota grandmother and clean water activist, views nearby uranium mining operations as one source of water contamination and as an encroachment on the water rights of the Lakota Nation. She is the lead plaintiff in a case challenging uranium mining on tribal land, and works with her community to protect treaty territory from exploitation of their natural resources by corporate interests.
Elisha Yellow Thunder, a Lakota mother and a geology student, seeks answers through science and the earth itself. During her pregnancy, she unknowingly drank contaminated water and her daughter, Laila, was born with severe medical anomalies. Currently Laila fights kidney failure. When Yellow Thunder can take time away from caring for Laila, she maps ore outcroppings on the Pine Ridge Reservation in search of uranium and the origins of water contamination.

The Details

We are confident that completing our film in a timely manner (i.e. as soon as we receive funds) will put us in a favorable position for film festivals, a PBS broadcast and a robust outreach campaign to organizations, individuals and educational outlets.
Please help us to complete this important and timely project! We need to raise $27,000 (Kickstarter) + $10,000 (Check-Writing Campaign) to move the project to completion!
Specifically your support will fund:
Feature Editor (the talented and dedicated Sharon Karp of Media Monster- Sharon edited our first film, Standing Silent Nation and countless other award-winning documentaries).
Finishing Costs (color correction, basic sound mixing/design, music rights and original music creation, animation, graphics, film mastering/layoff, closed-captioning).
E&O Insurance (necessary for television broadcast, DVD distribution and digital download distribution).
Producer/Director/Writer Fees.
Launch Outreach Campaign (a community engagement tour for communities facing the uranium mining issue and that are near Native lands and reservations).
Narrator Recording Sessions.
Website (maintenance and hosting costs of
Creation of Web Videos (containing additional materials/footage/stories not included in the final broadcast film).
Final Production Costs for the few missing pieces that need to be integrated into the edit (travel, gear, camera/sound, film personnel stipends).

The Crowd-Sourced Fundraising Campaign

Monies raised during our Kickstarter campaign will go toward the post-production of and outreach efforts for the documentary Crying Earth Rise Up.
The project is actively seeking funds from a number of sources. We have enjoyed success on this front in the past, including foundation grants and fundraising events that have helped us through production.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, through Vision Maker Media, is our major funder. Through this partnership and upon completion, Crying Earth Rise Up will be shopped to PBS outlets for possible broadcast.
A crowd-sourced funding campaign through Kickstarter allows us to reach you, supporters of our work, of independent media and documentary film, and advocates of clean water protection, to ask for help in reaching the finish line with a much needed infusion of funds.
We are seeking $27,000 through our Kickstarter campaign ($24,300 of which will go directly toward costs of making the film and $2,700 to cover Kickstarter and fees).

The Check-Writing Campaign

Parallel to our fundraising efforts through Kickstarter, we are running a check-writing campaign where we are looking to raise $10,000 in tax-deductible donations made through our fiscal agent, the fantastic organization Documentary Educational Resources (
If you would like to make a tax deductible donation of $200 or more directly through our non-profit fiscal agent, send a check made payable to Documentary Educational Resources to:
Prairie Dust Films, LLC/2631 N. Sacramento/Chicago, IL/60647
Please include on the memo line:  CRYING EARTH RISE UP!
If you have questions about our check writing-campaign, email us at:
Crying Earth Rise Up- baby onesie (baby not-included)
Crying Earth Rise Up- baby onesie (baby not-included)