Monday, September 16, 2013

Uranium debate continues to drag on

To the editor,

In my involvement on the issue of uranium mining, going on six years for me now, I can’t help but wonder the time frame on this issue that has taken place, compared to other events that have been resolved in less than six years or less:
Conception to birth is nine months;
Civil War was four years;
World War I was four years;
World War II was less than six years;
The idea of putting a man on the moon until it occurred was less than six years;
And the creation of earth was less than a week.

So it continues, with these major events and many more that could be listed occurring in six years or less. Why is this debate still lingering.

Not to worry, there will be more studies to go with the other studies that have been studied.
Seems like taxpayers have no choice but to waste their money on them.

I was told that this issue may go on for years. What are a few more years anyway? Who knows, Congress might actually work together before this debate ends.

And I’m sure that there will be more major events occurring, and being resolved in the future.
As for me and my wife, our peaceful retirement has not yet occurred, dealing with this “debate.”

And for those who think it would be for economic prosperity, I have my own: How about the right for clean air and water.

Stop feeding the greed!

Tell your representatives and those around the state enough is enough!

Timothy F. Stuart