Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nuked (People Who Influence Life Challenge)

Nuked (People Who Influence Life Challenge) cover

By Kelson                        
How many of us can say we survived a several megaton nuke from less than a half mile away? My father did. Is there even a comparison? He always spoke about the perspective, it afforded him. He met every seemingly insurmountable challenge with, “Well, Uncle Sam dropped a nuke on me and I survived that. How much worse can it be?”

      Sometimes when alone in silence a spontaneous revelry overtakes me. And though he is long gone I can still see his sun worn, ruddy face, and gray hair perfectly. Once again he's peering over his bifocals, relating the story as he did so often especially after ridiculous post apocalyptic television movies or stock films of nuclear blasts.

      Dad imagined Hell to be much like the Nevada Desert Proving Grounds in July 1957. The barren landscape extended endlessly for miles in all directions as if existing only to utterly ruin any hope for an escape from his fate.

     His dark fatigues, boiling helmet, and combat boots only served to further dehydrate him in the desiccated surroundings. His M-14 was useless for the exercise. So he propped it in the foxhole he was certain would become his own grave, sweltering in the unforgiving sun while awaiting further orders from his Sargent.

     Then the order came, “In the hole! In the hole!” as distant air-raid sirens sounded from somewhere indiscernible.
     He and his brother, Tom, there by mere happenstance, piled into the six foot deep foxhole, shielding their eyes to gaze up at the silver dot of the bomber glinting in the sun as it passed overhead

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