Tuesday, September 24, 2013




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Members and Guests in attendance:
Burt Banks
Hank Davis – guest
Jack Dunavant
Sarah Dunavant
Dan Gable
Tom Ingle – guest
Phillip Lovelace
Karen Maute
Kay Patrick
Frank Ruff
Rick Seekins
Andrew Zeneski
Executive Committee Members:
John Cannon
Greg Goddard
Anne Kirwin
Andrew Lester
John Ryan
Michael Ward
Gene Addesso, President
Mike Pucci, Vice President
Anne Zeneski, Secretary / Treasurer

Call To Order
Andrew Lester, RRBA Executive Director called the meeting to order and welcomed members and their guests. Mr. Lester recognized two members of RRBA that had recently passed away, Harold Carawan, President Emeritus, and Bill Winn. A moment of silence was held honoring the two former members.
Special Recognitions
A thank you note from Harold Carawan’s (RRBA’s President Emeritus) family was presented and read by Andrew Lester. The note thanked the RRBA membership for recognizing Harold’s contributions and for the support given to the family during the difficult times following Mr. Carawan’s death.
Minutes of the April 27, 2013 Meeting
Anne Zeneski, RRBA Secretary/Treasurer presented the minutes of the last board meeting and copies were made available to the attendees. Upon a motion by Frank Ruff, and seconded by John Cannon, the minutes of the April 27, 2013 meeting were approved, unanimously.
RRBA Financial Report
While the 2013 Fiscal Year-End report was recently distributed, Anne Zeneski, RRBA Secretary/Treasurer read an updated financial statement as of 20-Aug-2013. Upon a motion by John Cannon, seconded by John Ryan, the report was approved, unanimously.
Fund Raising and Grants
Gene Addesso, RRBA President discussed several possible grants that the RRBA is interested in pursuing. No motions were made at the meeting, but Gene will continue to look into grants available to the RRBA and will apply if appropriate.
We Are Winning
Andrew Lester, RRBA Executive Director proclaimed “we are winning” in a direct reference to the fight the RRBA has joined in opposing lifting the 30+ year ban on uranium mining and milling in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Andrew said he feels we are winning the Uranium fight in the local areas.
Hollywood to Help Focus Attention on Issue
Sarah Dunavant gave a report about the movie “Hot Water” that was recently presented to the public. The movie was produced by Hollywood movie producer Liz Rogers and shown in the Halifax area. Approximately 500 people were in attendance and the event was a huge success.
John Cannon, President of Virginia Coalition applauded Sarah Dunavant and her father, Jack Dunavant for their dedication and hard work on working on the fight against uranium mining and milling in the Commonwealth.
CommonHealth VA Update
Ann Kirwin gave an update on Common Health/Evergreen. Ms. Kirwin also stated they are hoping to get the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce on board.
NC Coalition Update
Mike Pucci, RRBA Vice-President gave an update on recent activities. Mr. Pucci briefed the NC Attorney General’s Office in person and also Mitch Gillespie of DENR, advising them of the potential serious risks to the citizens of North Carolina associated with uranium mining and milling in Virginia. Mr. Pucci will be keeping the Attorney General’s office updated on the progress of this issue. With the encouragement from, and at least in part with the information provided by Mr. Pucci, the NC Legislature passed a bi-partisan resolution to oppose uranium mining and milling in Virginia.
Virginia Coalition Update
John Cannon, President of the Virginia Coalition gave an update on his organizations activities. John referred to the book, The Racketeer, written by John Grisham and suggested maybe Mr. Grisham could come down to the Virginia area and talk about this issue. John recommended reading the book.
A fundraiser will be held in Clarksville, VA – John Kerr Dam – September 6th, 2013 to make everyone aware of the threat posed by uranium mining and milling.
Another fundraiser will be held Oct 11, 2013 at the Virginia International Raceway. Hopefully Ward & Jeb Burton (son of Ward Burton) will be at the event.
Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation Proposal
Tom Ingle discussed and reported on the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, explaining conservation easements. Since Evergreen has not been established more than 5 years (a minimum to hold easements) they are looking for a partner and they would prefer to partner with the RRBA. Evergreen will be responsible for all costs and RRBA will have no costs or liability. Gene Addesso stated that the agreement will be written in a way that ensures the RRBA will have no liability and no cost in the partnership.
Rick Seekins suggested an order for the RRBA board to execute an agreement with Evergreen. – Greg Goddard suggested a buffer requirement for costs, enforcement side and that RRBA will not be responsible for costs.
Burt Banks asked what our liability would be with Evergreen – Ward Burton will be responsible for lawyer fees incurred.
Upon a motion by Rick Seekins to authorized Andrew Lester, Gene Addesso and other members to put an agreement in place to execute the agreement with Evergreen (Ward Burton Foundation), seconded by Mike Pucci, the motion was approved, unanimously.
Upper Reach Update
Gene Addesso, RRBA President gave an updated on the Upper Reach.
Scott Murray has two more ramps in process and hopefully construction will be soon. John Cannon stated he was so impressed with the ramp that he purchased a Kayak.
A ribbon cutting was recently held for the new ramp with Colonel Steven Baker, Commander, Wilmington District in attendance from the Corps of Engineers.
Kerr Lake 216 Study
Gene Addesso gave an update on the 216 study. The only changes now being considered are the improvement of dissolved oxygen levels of water flowing out of Kerr Lake into Lake Gaston, and a possible improvement to the flow operating rules and protocol in times of heavy flooding and potential inundations
RRBA Logoed Hats (In Remembrance of Harold Carawan)
Andrew Zeneski, gave an update on the caps for fundraising for RRBA. Mr. Zeneski presented “The Harold Hat” in memory of Harold Carawan with costs, sample of the hat, logo, and information on ordering the hats. Upon a motion by John Cannon and seconded by Mike Pucci, the motion to order 72 hats was approved, unanimously.
With all reports presented, old & new business discussed, and upon a motion by John Cannon, seconded by Burt Banks, the motion to adjourn the meeting was approved unanimously.
Next Meeting Date:
TBD – watch the website for the next meeting and other upcoming events.
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