Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rain Hurting Pittsylvania County Farmers

Comments:  More rain for our county, record rain totals thru out VA, Wednesday's rain in Roanoke a 200-500 year event, this would affect any uranium mining or milling on or the Roanoke River Basin, would ruin our waters!  KTB

Rain Hurting Pittsylvania County Farmers

Posted: Jul 11, 2013 3:59 PM EDT

Pittsylvania Co., VA -- All of this rain has caused some damage in our area, but it's been hurting local farmers for months.

Extension Agent Stephen Barts says this has been one of the worst years for tobacco growers that he can remember.

It's not just the storm from the past few days that has been hurting farmers, in fact, it's the weather the past few months.

With all of this rain, tobacco farmers have been late to plant. 

Also with the wet fields, the nutrients may not absorb as well into the crops and they can't cultivate like they should. If you can't proactively manage a crop, Barts says the quality and yield may suffer.
Since the start of the year, Danville has gotten 29.35 inches of rainfall, that is 6.25 inches above average.

"I've had some growers tell me that they've never seen a season like this. They've just had so much constant moisture," said Barts.