Saturday, July 27, 2013

Japan decontamination is a failure – “”No Repeat of Decontamination”

Tuesday, 2 July 2013 “Giving up reducing to 0.23uSv/” 自己管理を提案 福島で政府説明会 再除染応ぜず

(Resource) 朝日新聞デジタル
政府が福島県田村市の除染作業完了後に開いた住民説明会で、空気中の放射線量を毎時0・23マイクロシーベルト(年1ミリシーベルト)以下にする目標を 達成できなくても、一人ひとりが線量計を身につけ、実際に浴びる「個人線量」が年1ミリを超えないように自己管理しながら自宅で暮らす提案をしていたこと が分かった…
(Translation by Mia)Government officials held a meeting in Tamura-city in Fukushima prefecture to explain to residents that they need to look after themselves from now on. Originally they were aiming to reduce the level of contamination down to 0.23uSv/h (=added ionizing radiation 1mSv/y). However, they have now abandoned this aim and are not going to repeat any more decontamination.
The officials have suggested to residents that it’s ok to live there even if the level of radiation doesn’t go down below 0.23uSv/h as long as they monitor their exposure level by wearing the dosimeter and manage to live carefully inside their house so as not to be exposed to more than 0.23uSv/h.