Friday, June 7, 2013

Mining Myths: The Coles Hill Uranium Deposit / Gretna festival

The Coles Hill Uranium Deposit: An update on Politics and Path Forward in Virginia
Patrick Wales, Project Manager, Virginia Uranium
Andrea Jennetta, Publisher, Fuel Cycle Week

Comments from KM:  You can access the May 1 and 2 presentations (slides) of the NMA/NRC uranium recovery workshop. I encourage you to view all presentationa and send questions you may have to presenters. Patrick Wales' and Andrea Jennetta's have presentations are listed on the May 2 date. Neither appear to be "technical" in nature.
Wales presentation "The Coles Hill Uranium Deposit:An Update on Politics and a Path Forward in Virginia" reads like he's still "mining for investors. Slide 6 is frem a Virginia Tech Study showing flooding potential on VUI's property. Where flooding is likely to occur there is a conversation bubble which reads, " No Tailings in this area". Duh...that's pretty technical! The map does not show mining areas, proposed mill or tailings locations.
Jennetta's presentation entitled "Coles Hill: An Adventure in Pro-Nuclear Advocacy" promotes her "i dig uranium website" and uses cartoons and imagery to promote nuclear energy. Jennetta veiws this as an "adventure"? 
 Gretna festival
Comments from KM:  Keep The Ban proponents (whether they attended or not) were glad that the Gretna festival was a success. Next year should be even better. "All sponsors’ names will be on the banner next year, she (Burkholder) said". Had this been the case this year there would have been no controversy. I applaud Ms. Burkholder and the GMA this policy change and look forward to many years of Gretna Strawberry and Wine Festivals. Due to the policy change, attendance will be greater.

Festivals such as this are an opportunity showcase our healthy environment and rich heritage. They remind us of how very much we need to protect these aspects if we are to have a diverse and thriving economic future in which folks will want to raise their families. It is for these reasons that we should support a ban on uranium mining in Virginia.
“People in Gretna realize this is about strawberries and the wine,” Burkholder said, referring to the uproar after it was revealed last week that VUI paid $2,000 for the event’s exclusive platinum-level sponsorship.

The festival was held in a grassy lot immediately west of Food Lion in Gretna.
The day was warm and overcast, with intermittent droplets of rain. The sun slowly and occasionally peeked through the clouds.

Handouts and yard signs – including those from mining opponents – were prohibited at the festival. Supporters of Centra, a sponsor of the event which hopes to bring a new CT scanner to Gretna, gave out T-shirts.

Only one entity was allowed to purchase platinum sponsorship.

VUI’s sponsorship prompted many uranium mining opponents – even some who had bought tickets in advance, according to a few Facebook comments - to decide against attending the event.

VUI was the only sponsor, among 13 others, whose name appeared on the event’s banner. That will change next year, said Burkholder, who plans to make the festival an annual occasion. All sponsors’ names will be on the banner next year, she said.