Friday, June 14, 2013

Anti-uranium groups merge under one umbrella

CommonHealthVA is going under the umbrella of the Roanoke River Basin Association.
The group emerged in 2012 when several organizations and localities that advocated maintaining Virginia’s moratorium on uranium mining began a more organized collaboration and coordination of activities.

Members of CommonHealthVA include the Alliance for Progress in Southern Virginia; the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach; the Piedmont Environmental Council; the Roanoke River Basin Association; the Southern Environmental Law Center; and the Virginia Coalition.
Andrew Lester, executive director of the basin association, says CommonHealthVA will focus on research and education about uranium mining issues.

It’s about “trying to get the average citizen to understand what’s going on,” Lester said.
While the Roanoke River Basin Association has been a loud voice against Virginia Uranium’s plans to mine a 119-million-pound uranium ore deposit in Pittsylvania County, it’s not the group’s primary role.

The association seeks to conserve basin water resources and promote economic development.
The CommonHealthVA website keeps a list of the organizations, governments and businesses that support its cause.