Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Comments from KM:  Thank you to those of you who have contributed to the Keep the Ban Billboard Campaign.  Please continue to contact people you know who may contribute.

We are adding "Protect Our Health, Heritage & Future" to the billboards  Yes, "billboards"...plural.  An opportunity opened for us to secure a second billboard on 58.  It is a little larger than the one on Highway 29.  We had enough funds for it's production and 3 months worth of visibility.  Needless to say, we'd like it to remain up through November's elections and the 2014 General Assembly.  If we do not get a permanent ban, we'll likely start our Second Annual  Keep the Billboard Campaign in 2014.

We also need funding to put signs up at 3 Pittsylvania County football fields before Fall.  (Tunstall and GW do not allow such advertising).  If we can collect enough, we can look at baseball/softball in the future.

This is truly a "grass-roots" effort and as such YOU and your participation are essential for its success.  Billboard contributions may be mailed to PRIDE, P. O. Box 11521, Danville, VA 24543-1521.  If you have questions or require further information, please let me know.



                                                    The “Keep the Ban” Billboard on Hwy 29 South is a bold reminder that the threat of uranium mining, milling and radioactive waste disposal remains a clear and present danger in Southside and across Virginia.  It is strategically located near Virginia Uranium Inc.’s Coles Hill deposit.

An anonymous couple, the League of Individuals for the Environment, Inc. (LIFE, Inc.) and Piedmont Residents in Defense of the Environment (PRIDE) funded the billboard installation and a three-month contract in order to increase awareness and encourage education regarding the uranium mining issue.  We remain committed to maintaining the billboard as long as necessary and, if funding allows, erecting additional billboards and possibly placing signs at local sports fields.

We need your help in order to maintain the current billboard and possibly contract for additional billboards and signs.

Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.  Please send your billboard contribution to PRIDE, P. O. Box 11521, Danville, VA 24543-1521.  You will receive a receipt.  PRIDE is a chapter of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, which is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  PRIDE is accepting donations for the “KTB” Billboard Campaign.

Dr. Brent Blackwelder, President Emeritus of Friends of the Earth, has contributed $1050.00 to kick-off our first annual “KTB” billboard campaign and has issued a challenge for matching donations.

Please contribute to this very worthy cause.

___ $1050 Matching Dr. Blackwelder’s contribution

___ $500 Matching Anonymous’ contribution

___ $100 Billboard Campaign Sponsor

___$25 Grassroots supporter

___ Other? …No amount is too great or too small

        With appreciation,

        Karen B. Maute, President
        P. O. Box 11521
        Danville, VA 24543-1521