Saturday, April 6, 2013

Orivesi goldmine pollutes nearby lakes


Waters near the Orivesi goldmine have been found to contain significantly elevated levels of sulfate, nitrogen and metals.

Kalliopora Oriveden kultakaivoksessa
The Orivesi goldmine has been draining water into nearby lakes since it commenced operations.Image: Arttu Horttanainen / Yle

The Dragon Mining company has been pumping water into the lake in order to keep the mine dry for as long as the mine has been operational.

The gold mine is currently seeking an environmental permit for mining operations to continue. The environmental study required for the permit found significantly elevated concentrations of sulfates, nitrogen and metals in the drainage water.

Sulfates and metals can be traced back to mineral ores, while nitrogen originates from the extraction process.

The study relates to the Ala-Jalkajärvi and Peräjärvi lakes – the latter receiving flow-on from the former.