Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gov. Bob McDonnell forgets about uranium mining for the time being


Comment:  Please write the Gov Bob and ask to keep the uranium mining ban, we have spoken, Keep the Ban, also please write Sen. John Watkins, Del. Terry Kilgore, tell them to stop pushing one company's agenda over the will of the people to keep the uranium mining ban.  Sen John Watkins was the one that tried to change the districts of VA to benefit the GOP and electorial votes......

Posted on by Admin DR – March 10, 2013

In Richmond on Thursday, Gov. Bob McDonnell talked almost as if his more than year long behind-the-scenes and public attempts to move forward with uranium mining and milling in Virginia never happened.

According to the governor, he’s “focused on legislation reaching his desk from the 2013 session of the General Assembly”[1] and he won’t be thinking about uranium mining until the April veto session is in his rearview mirror.

Soon after his interview in Richmond, Gov. McDonnell’s office released a letter from Virginia’s uranium mining champions, Sen. John Watkins and Del. Terry Kilgore, which pushes McDonnell to use his executive authority to create regulations for the “potential”[2] mining of uranium in the Commonwealth even after bills with similar language were defeated in the Virginia General Assembly.

It sounds like Watkins and Kilgore are still attempting to circumvent the will of most Virginians, doesn’t it?

According to both of these cavaliers, their letter to Gov. McDonnell wasn’t an attempt to skirt the demands of most Virginians. No, what was it then, a get well card?

Who needs uranium when there is more crap flying out of the mouths of these two legislators to power Virginia for a decade?

Watkins and Kilgore are only the tip of the iceberg but they represent a very visible example of political representatives whose hubris is so great that they think their ideas and their understandings of issues far exceeds those of most Virginians.

But politicians are like horseshoes, if you don’t continually change them, dirt and bacteria builds up inside and the horse can eventually die from infection.

The horse is Virginia, of course, of course and it’s time for these puppets of Virginia Uranium Inc. to remove themselves from their roles as representatives of the people.

As far as I can see, they only represent one entity in this state.