Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Call-In Day, Thurs., Jan. 10: Tell your State Legislators to KEEP the BAN on URANIUM MINING in VIRGINIA!

Call-In Day, Thurs., Jan. 10: Tell your State Legislators to KEEP the BAN on URANIUM MINING in VIRGINIA!Yesterday, at the Coal and Energy Commission meeting, members voted on a motion by Vice-Chair Senator Watkins to "recommend to the General Assembly that legislation be enacted that codifies a statutory framework for the permitting of uranium mining so that appropriate regulations may be promulgated by the respective state agencies." The legislative members of the Commission present voted as such:
In Favor: Kilgore, L. Ware, Habeeb, Miller, O'Quinn, Morefield, Carrico, and Watkins
Opposed: Merricks, Smith Abstain: Colgan

At the meeting, Senator Watkins referrenced the legislation he plans to bring and said it should be going to the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. The members of that committee that NEED to hear from you are: Chair - Watkins, Colgan, Saslaw, Norment, Stosch, Edwards, Wagner, Newman, Puckett, Herring, Martin, Obenshain, Stuart, McWaters, and Stanley. We also anticipate Alexander will be appointed to fill Yvonne Miller's seat on the committee.
Legislation to lift the ban on dangerous uranium mining in Virginia must be stopped. Your legislators need to hear from you!

When our state legislators are making decisions on how to vote, one of the biggest influencing factors is what they hear from you, their constituents. Contact your State Delegate and Senator and let them know you support KEEPING the BAN on uranium mining.

Join thousands of voices on Thursday, January 10, as Keep the Ban members from all over the state call into their lawmakers' offices and demand that we Keep the Ban!
Not sure who your legislator is or what his/her contact information is? Visit this site set up by our friends at Sierra Club for a form to identify your legislator and a script you can use when you call.

Another opportunity to make your voice heard: In an addition to his normal "ask the Governor" segments, Gov. McDonnell will
be on Virginia Public Radio's "Virginia Conversations" program this Friday, January 11, from 9-10am. The call-in number is (866) 611-6397. We encourage you to call in to this show and ask the Governor to Keep the Ban.