Monday, December 17, 2012

December 12, 2012 Newsletter: Virginia Conservation Network

December 12, 2012 Newsletter

In just a few weeks, Virginia's General Assembly will head back to Richmond, with legions of lobbyists in tow. As conservationists, we face an immense opportunity and corresponding challenge this year:
  • We are aligned with local governments and farmers in support of a ban on uranium mining and milling that protects drinking water for us all.
  • Our call for a more balanced, efficient transportation system has never been more relevant as lawmakers struggle to plug the fiscal pothole left by billion-dollar highways.
  • Even the attorney general, a climate skeptic, has agreed with us that Virginia's renewable energy laws must be reformed in order to create jobs and clean kilowatts here at home.
More than 100 Virginians learned about these and other important issues at the recent VCN General Assembly Preview. Presentations from that workshop are available on the VCN website. If you want to know more about the issues facing state lawmakers, start here! You can even download a copy of the 2013 Virginia Conservation Briefing Book -- the go-to guide to our network's common agenda for a cleaner, healthier Virginia.

Be sure to make plans to join us on January 28th for Conservation Lobby Day, presented by VCN and the Garden Club of Virginia. Join hundreds of volunteers as we take our pro-conservation message to the Capitol! Breakfast briefings start at 8:30, with lobby visits following. Details and registration here.

Best wishes,
Nathan Lott
Executive Director
PS - The work done by Virginia Conservation Network to make environmental stewardship a bipartisan priority is only possible because of support from Virginians like you. If you haven't already made your year-end donation, please give today. Every gift supports our mission for a cleaner, healthier Virginia!,410,0,0,html/Our-Common-Agenda-2012-Conservation-Briefing-Book