Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cyanide Beach.

New documentary shows the shady history
behind the Rosemont mine proposal
The latest example why we need to reform the 1872 Mining Law
As an Earthworks member, you've likely already heard about the absurdity of the 1872 Mining Law – free public minerals for multinational mining companies, an environmental legacy of polluted rivers, streams and groundwater, and a $50 billion abandoned mine cleanup bill for taxpayers.
That's why I want you to watch Cyanide Beach.
An explosive new documentary from award-winning investigative journalist John Dougherty, the film exposes the Canadian mining speculators who are behind a proposal to open the massive Rosemont Copper mine just outside Tucson, Arizona.
The revealing 24-minute film chronicles the deceptive business tactics of top executives at Augusta Resource Corporation -- owner of Rosemont Copper -- when they owned and operated an open-pit gold mine in Sardinia, Italy from 2003-07. You'll see how they left behind a trail of unpaid vendors, a misspent government loan, hidden investors, and a toxic mess known to locals as "Cyanide Beach."
Watch the film and visit our partners's websites (see below) to learn more and take action.
Alan Septoff, Earthworks
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