Friday, December 30, 2011

Halifax Coalition Advocates Keeping Uranium Mining Moratorium

Posted: Dec 29, 2011 5:38 PM EST

Halifax, VA - A group in Halifax County is uniting with a very clear message. They want to make sure uranium mining stays out of the Southside. They call themselves the Virginia Coalition.

A group of ten men and women from in and around Halifax County have joined forces, to make sure Virginia keeps the moratorium on uranium mining. The panel consists of a diverse mix of individuals: Virginia Delegate James Edmunds, Andrew Lester of the Roanoke River Basin Association, the CEO of the Halifax Regional Health System, even former NASCAR driver Ward Burton.

The group will work to educate the public and officials on the health risks associated with mining.

They say given the release of the recent National Academy of Sciences study, the risks associated with mining are just too great.

This group sees the health issue as a real crucial issue because it affects human beings directly," said Andrew Lester, the Executive Director of the Roanoke River Basin Association.

The group is currently working on circulating educational literature.

They also have a website,

They hope they'll be able to inform the public in a more direct way; something they say hundreds of pages of a federal report just cannot do.

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