Thursday, November 11, 2010

Subject: Fw: FOIA request: Funding agreement between Virginia Uranium Inc and Virginia Tech

Contract between VA Tech and VUI for the NAS Study!

Comments below are from Ms. Maute, thanks so much for all your hard work.  Ace feels the whole contract between VT, VUI and NAS stinks!  VT needs to withdraw from the contract now or forever the study will be tainted, no more than it is already tainted!  Also, the documents needs to posted on the Virginia Uranium SubComitt. site for all to see!  No to U Mining and Milling!

Comments from KM:

Funding agreement between Virginia Uranium Inc and Virginia  Tech.

The document was requested as a FOIA request.

It looks as if VT  will  realize $300.000 handling the escrow account between VT and NAS.

I'm terrible @ math...21% for VT from VUI?

 I think they made out well for  handing money to NAS that it would not have taken directly from VUI.

Apparently S*&T doesn't stink as badly when a middleman is involved.

However, it sure left VT smelling badly, in my humble opinion.

Read more about the contract with VUI, VT and Nas: