Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spread the Word About Uranium Mining and Milling Problems if the Uranium Ban is lifted in Virginia: Write a Letter to the Editor

Uranium Mining and Milling has never been done safely anywhere in the world therfore we need to tell all of Virginia by writing letters to the Editors of Newspaper and also our local, state and federal leaders.

Virginia is being lied to by Pronuclear and ProUranium corporations spreading their monies to part time Virginia leaders and the so call study by the NAS on Uranium Mining is paid for by Virginia Uranium Inc and funneled by Virginia Tech about how safe uranium mining and milling is and how highly regulated uranium mining and milling is in the US.  This is not true!

We know for a fact that the highly regulated corporations are by the disaster like BP Oil Spill in the Gulf this summer where 11 people were killed and billions of dollars lost to the locals from fishing plus the deaths of billions of sea life!

We know for a fact that the highly regulated corporations are by the disasters like the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia where 25 miners were murder.

We know for a fact that the so highly regulated corporations have gave monies to oil regulators and provided them with girls and the regulators look the other way when oil rigs were not done right.

We know for a fact that mining and nuclear corporations have bought and paid for all of leaders and they are subsidized by the state and federal levels with taxpayer’s monies!  Plus the nuke group are self regulated with the NRC looks the other way unless something drastic happens, then the NRC smack the uranium mill, ISL uranium mining and nuke plants with a fine but the damage is been done.

We know for a fact that modern uranium mining and milling all over the world is not working.

A Hard Rain

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The mines floods, uranium holding ponds leaks, blowing dust from uranium mining tailing ponds, the poisons used leaching and milling is not under controlled.

One way that you can make a difference is by sending a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to raise awareness about the problems of uranium mining and milling will bring to Virginia.

To send a letter to the editor, click on one of the email addresses below and write 300 words about any aspect of problems of uranium mining and milling will do the state of Virginia:

Chatham Star-Tribune

Bristol Herald-Courier

Charlottesville Daily Progress

Daily Press (Newport News)

Danville Register & Bee

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Harrisonburg Daily News-Record

Lynchburg News-Advance

Martinsville Bulletin

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Roanoke Times

Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk)

Washington Post