Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NAS Mining Meetings

Comment:  People of North Carolina, you will be downwind, downstream of the destructive uranium mine, you need to come to the meeting in Danville, when(looks like they are waiting for the last minute) the NAS finally give us a meeting place!

Nov 30, 2010 - 04:52:07 pm CST

The National Academy of Sciences appears to have scheduled six meetings regarding uranium mining in Virginia. The first two were held in Washington, DC earlier this fall. The third will be held in Danville, VA, December 13 through the 15th. Meeting #4 will be in Richmond in early February. The last two will convene in Denver, CO (approximately 1600 miles from VA) and Saskatoon, Canada (approximately 2000 miles from VA).

The Danville location will give citizens of the state most likely to suffer impacts of uranium mining and milling the opportunity to observe and participate in the VA Coal and Energy Commission sanctioned NAS process which Virginia Uranium paid for via Virginia Tech.

How "thoughtful" to schedule at least one meeting in the area which is proposed for destruction.

Karen B. Maute
Pittsylvania County, VA

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