Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Amnesty International decries defeat of mining bill

Canada are Carpetbaggers 

Comments:  The Canadians are in the US killing people with uranium mining and they are sending monies to the leaders of Virginia to lift the uranium ban!  The Canadian govt allows their uranium corporations to ruin our land, air and lives in the name of profit for Canadian's corporations and remember, Canada is a socialist country, so Canada also profits from mining!  No to mining, No to Canada, stay north, you Carpetbaggers!

October 28, 2010
Les Whittington

OTTAWA—Amnesty International says the defeat of legislation to tighten controls over Canadian mining companies will further undermine Canada’s image as a defender of human rights globally.

“Passing Bill C-300 would have boosted Canada’s national reputation and demonstrated that we take human rights seriously,” said Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty’s 67,000-member Canadian chapter.

Liberal MP John McKay’s private member’s bill would have established federal government scrutiny of Canadian mining corporations in developing countries.

The legislation arose from years of allegations of environmental and human rights abuses involving Canadian mining corporations operating overseas.

The industry said the problems in its mining operations in the developing world have been exaggerated by non-governmental organizations and social activists. Mining companies urged MPs to reject the legislation.

Opposed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative caucus, the bill was narrowly defeated in the House of Commons Wednesday.

Amnesty said the vote was another example of Canada’s lack of commitment to human rights. It’s similar to Ottawa’s rejection of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Harper government’s decision not to intervene in all cases to help Canadians facing the death penalty abroad and the handling of Canadians such as Maher Arar who have been mistreated in foreign jails, Amnesty said.

“The defeat of this bill is another blow to Canada’s international reputation as a leader in the protection of human rights,” the group commented.

“This was a good bill and the fact that even the Liberal leader failed to support his MP is shameful,” May said.

“Whether it was heavy lobbying on behalf of the mining industry or lack of resolve from the Liberal ranks, it is a terrible shame that this bill has failed,” she said.

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