Saturday, July 17, 2010

Letters to the Editor: Where's Uranium Again?

Comment:  The nuke cycle is the cycle of death, from Uranium mining to processing is full of CO2!  No to uranium mining and milling, no the cycle of death:  Nuke Power!

Written by our readers
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 19:00

The people have spoken!

Finding Uranium:  Where does uranium come from? [“The Nuclear Option,” June 24, 2010.] The ground.

To dig out the ore, crush it, and process it generates a massive amount of CO2 from the exhaust of the diesel fuel used to power the shovels, trucks, and milling operation. This is simple common sense.

Lending hundreds of billions [of dollars] to corporations that keep their books secret is as stupid as believing the false claim nuclear power doesn’t emit greenhouse gases.

You should have published the names of the legislators who opposed the tax. Storage of nuke waste can’t be done. Not one more dime for nuke subsidies.

Use that money for solar, wind, tidal, and geo thermal power.

The remedy for oil and coal is hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen from water electrolysis, not from hydrocarbons.

Steve Miller
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