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Danville Regional Foundation uranium study proposals online

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By TIM DAVIS/Star-Tribune Editor
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 8:58 AM EDT

DANVILLE - Danville Regional Foundation has received proposals from two national groups, Resources for the Future and RTI International, to conduct an independent socioeconomic study on the regional impact of uranium mining.

The proposals are online at
The public is encouraged to submit comments for 30 days through the foundation's uranium blog (

Registered, public comments submitted online will be reviewed and used in selecting the organization to conduct the study, said Christina Motley, a spokesman for the foundation.

Resources for the Future is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that conducts independent research on environmental, energy, and natural resource issues.

Founded in 1952, it was established at the recommendation of William Paley, then head of the Columbia Broadcasting System, who chaired a presidential commission that examined whether the United States was becoming overly dependent on foreign sources of important natural resources and commodities.

Resources for the Future, which has a core research staff of 35 doctorate-level economists and risk experts, became the first think tank devoted exclusively to natural resource and environmental issues.

RTI International is based in Research Triangle Park, N.C.
Its team is composed of economists and environmental scientists and engineers from RTI as well as expert consultants from the Colorado School of Mines and Clemson University (NO to any thing that encourages mining).

The foundation is expected to announce its selection for the study, which will cost about $600,000, in August.

A final report is due by the end of 2011.

President and chief executive officer Karl Stauber said the foundation hopes to sponsor an "independent and rigorous socioeconomic examination" of the effects of the proposed uranium mine, mill, and long-term waste management on people, institutions and economies within 50 miles of Coles Hill.

The study will look at uranium mining's benefits and dangers, including its effect on property values, taxes and institutions.

"We do not have a position on uranium mining, milling and waste management in Pittsylvania County, Va.," said Stauber.

"The foundation is sponsoring an independent study so the citizens of the Dan River region can better understand the implications of uranium mining, milling and waste storage."

The foundation, which has $165 million in assets, serves Danville, Pittsylvania County and Caswell County, N.C.

Virginia Uranium Inc. announced plans three years ago to explore mining uranium at Coles Hill, about six miles northeast of Chatham.

Stauber hopes the foundation's work will build on a statewide scientific study of uranium mining by the National Research Council in Washington, D.C.

The National Research Council signed a contract with Virginia Tech for the $1.4 million study in February and expects to begin work this summer.

The study, which is being funded by Virginia Uranium through Virginia Tech, will take about 18 months. A final report is due Dec. 1, 2011.

The Virginia Commission on Coal and Energy's Uranium Mining Subcommittee also plans to conduct a separate study on the socioeconomic impact of uranium mining.

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