Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mining making Surat Basin farms hard to sell

Comment:  People down under are having trouble selling their farms because of the threat of mining!  We need to tell the so call "The Virginia Coal and Energy Commission’s Uranium Mining Subcommittee" that we will not be able to sell our homes or land if they allow uranium mining in Virginia!  Plus the state of Virginia does not care for our familiels in Wise County, VA and the state allows Mt. Top Removal!  Now do you want to buy a house or land near a blasting area!  No to uranium mining! 

Wednesday, 02/06/2010

A Southern Queensland real estate agent says uncertainty about the Surat Basin mining boom has made it harder to sell rural properties.

The region's home to a number of proposed and operational gas and coal mining projects, some of which have raised residents' concerns about environmental degradation.

Noel Grant, from Grant, Daniel and Long Livestock and Property Agents, says those concerns have made people reluctant to buy into the area.

"We're going through a rougher trot, certainly selling rural properties it's been very, very difficult," he says.

"I do think that the gas and coal are creating problems as well."

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