Monday, May 17, 2010

Danville residents (are Not)supportive of uranium mining (this web site is a major Nuke power (France) hiding behind the Name

Comment:  Now the Virginia Energy Independence Alliance comes to Danville’s Festival and write such a ugly article about the people who are just telling the citizens of Virginia that uranium mining is dangerous, never been mined safely in the world and with the latest headlines of federal and states are failures of enforcing mining and drilling laws that have murder 29 coal miners and 11 oil rig workers because of corporate greed.

Virginia Energy Independence Alliance seems to be part of the French nuke company according to the links below:

Mr. -Ray Ganthner, Chairman, Virginia Energy Independence Alliance and Ray Ganthner, Senior Vice President, New Plants Deployment, AREVA NP Inc. (are they the same man, according to the link it seems so) So again, is Virginia Energy Independence Alliance really the French nuclear power company that Mr. Ganthner is VP? Are the French scared (maybe not honest) to admit they are chasing Virginia's uranium mining? Who would you trust, the French government who are failures at their own uranium mining, does not have any uranium except at the expense of the poor people in Niger and the nuke plants are more down that up. No to uranium mining and milling and tell this web site to tell Virginians who they really represent!

Danville residents supportive of uranium mining, Not!

Published on May 17th, 2010

“We need the jobs!” was the refrain heard from so many festival-goers at this weekend’s Danville Festival in the Park when asked about uranium mining in the region (YEAH, 300 JOBS WHICH WILL BRING ONLY OUTSIDERS TO VIRGINIA TO RUIN OUR LAND, WATER AND AIR).

The man and his wife – once happily employed in Danville’s now decaying manufacturing and healthcare economies – have been out of work for more than 16 months and are grappling with a mounting wave of economic distress. ” (ACE COMMENT:  MAYBE THE HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM COULD PLANT EXPLOSIVES AND BLOW UP THE HILLS, OH YEAH, THAT TAKES EXPERIENCE IN AMMO, OR DRIVE THE HUGE DUMP TRUCKS IN THE HUGE 800 FT DEEP URANIUM MINE, THAT CIRLCES AROUND AND AROUND, OH YEAH, THAT REQUIRES EXPERIENCE, DO YA THINK THIS COUPLE HAS MINING EXPERIENCE, WELL DUH, NO, HARD ROCK MINERS WILL BE COMING TO VIRGINIA, NOT LOCAL PEOPLE!)
Another common theme heard from many festival-goers was a sense of fatigue and disappointment with the small but vocal minority of close-minded area residents who are unwilling to consider uranium mining even if the National Academy study finds that it can be done safely (NOW THE THING WITH THE NAS IS A LIAR, PURE AND SIMPLE, IT SURPRISES ACE THAT THE FRENCH NUKES FEEL THREATEN BY THE SO CALL SMALL VOICES OF US, WELL NUKE DUDES, THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE AGAINST URANIUM MINING AND YOU ARE SCARED OF US, FRANCE ARE SCARED OF US, YEAH!) 
Many of the people that stopped by the Virginia Energy Independence Alliance tent at the festival regretted the campaign to misinform and scare area residents about uranium mining (THE ONLY ONES THAT REGRETTS US TELLING THE TRUTH ARE THE INVESTORS, THE CANADIANS AND THE FRENCH URANIUM AND NUKE BUNCH).

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