Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Elevated Radiation Confirmed for Bulgarian Beach (uranium mine)

August 17, 2010, Tuesday

The elevated radiation on a southern Bulgarian beach is attributed to waste from a local mine containing uranium.

The radiation at the Bulgarian Black coast bay “Vromos” is twice higher than the norm for this area, the Executive Environmental Agency reports Tuesday.

The measurements were made as part of the annual program for radiation monitoring.

In the beginning of August, the Burgas Regional Governor, Konstantin Grebenarov, issued an order banning the use of the beach located between the municipalities of the city of Burgas and the town of Sozopol, near the town of Chernomorets. At the time Grebenarov said he made the decision after consulting with experts from the Health Ministry and the Environmental Agency.

The reason for the pollution is deemed to be radioactive waste from the nearby mine, containing copper and uranium.

Grebenarov’s order triggered large-scale protests among hotel and land owners around the bay.