Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chemical Accident Prompts Road Closure :Evacuations Reported Near Fairview

Comment: The proposed uranium mining and milling in VA will have accidents like this too. The huge trucks will be going thru Chatham, VA neighborhood to get to Rt. 29, which is also a twisted, turning road which travels a very busy area near Tight Squeeze and Blairs! A lot of trucks are not marked if they are carrying yellowcake! No to uranium mining!

POSTED: 5:04 pm CDT July 22, 2010

An accident involving a vehicle carrying cesium forced the closure of a road in Major County, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Cesium Accident Leads To Evacuations

According to a news release from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, U.S. Highway 412 at Bouse Junction east to State Highway 58 at Ringwood was shut down for containment purposes.
Fairview police said there were evacuations in the area.

What is Cesium?  It is a rare metallic chemical element which is used in an assortment of industries. It also has a wide range of isotopes, many of which are radioactive. Since cesium is highly reactive, the element is not usually found in a pure form in nature; most of the world's cesium comes from minerals and nuclear fission. Consumers do not generally interact directly with cesium or its isotopes, although they may own products which contain a cesium component.

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