Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Waste Rock at Germany Mine Site (uranium)

Comment:  Great video and according to EPA, waste rock will not hurt ya, don't believe them, it will kill us and ruin our water!

October 28, 2008 — I went to Saxony (a part of germany) to find uranium 'in the wild' at abandoned uranium mines, dig sites and stockpiles.

Due to the increased uranium content in the earth's surface, saxony is a lot more irradiated than berlin, as you can clearly see in the video (although there are other means of contamination - such as the chernobyl accident - that can also be a cause for increased background radiation).

this video also includes a visit to the uranium mine 'MARKUS SEMMLER' and, of course, me digging for (and finding some) uranium minerals. =) the radioactive minerals i found are uranocircite and autunite. they now have a new caring and loving home at my place.

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