Thursday, June 24, 2010

PUBLIC NOTICE Homestake Mining: Homestake Mining Company of California Offers to Plug Wells

Comment:  Will this be VA future's if the state of VA lift the ban on uranium mining?  Demand our state leaders to keep the uranium ban!

Published Thursday, June 24, 2010 5:38 PM MDT
Sampling of water from wells in the vicinity of the former Homestake mill site has in several instances detected concentrations in excess of established drinking water standards for uranium, selenium, nitrate, molybdenum, vanadium, sulfate, chloride, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, gross alpha, radium226, radium228, and thorium230.

Even though there is no known connection to its uranium mining or milling operations or its ongoing remedial actions, Homestake Mining Company of California (HMC) has volunteered to plug and abandon the wells at no cost to owners of property in an Area of Concern ("AOC"), which is bounded approximately by county road 63 on the north, state highway 605 on the east, Rio San Jose Road on the south, and state highway 122 on the west.

Existing wells in this area have the potential to allow the substances of concern to migrate further in aquifers in the area, as well as expose well users to levels above those established for drinking water.

HMC will be notifying all known property owners within the AOC in writing of its offer to properly plug and abandon wells in this area.

Property owners will have 120 days from the receipt of notice to notify HMC of their desire to have their well(s) plugged.

HMC will arrange for requested well abandonments on a reasonable schedule and in accordance with necessary permits and authorizations from the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer.

If you have any questions regarding this Public Notice, please contact:

Mr. Alan Cox
Homestake Mining Company P.O. Box 98
Grants, NM 87920
Phone: 505-287-4456
Fax: 505-287-9289

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